The Home Staging Process


Charleston ReStyle Home Staging offers an array of services made for every budget and time-frame.

Staging Consultation
This consultation begins with a thorough walk-through of the exterior and interior of the home.  We take several photos of each room to highlight areas of concern or to designate the focal point of each room.  After taking notes and formulating a plan, we leave the seller with a to-do list, which includes:

  • Customized room-by-room enhancement recommendations

  • Recommendations of repairs and/or improvements

  • A list of the top five staging priorities

  • General staging guideline explaining the “standards” of home staging room by room

Full Service Staging
You don't have the time to stage your home? Would you rather let an expert handle it? No problem! Our full service staging completes the preparation of all the rooms in the home.  Furniture layout, proper accessorizing and lighting are just a few of the areas we consider when Staging each room for show.  Full service Staging results in the home feeling “unified’ by connecting each space aesthetically.  Buyers will love your home’s amazing new look!

Vacant Staging
A vacant property is cold and uninviting; whereas a staged home is warm, welcoming and provides a frame of reference as to the scale and size of the room.  Studies show that vacant homes tend to stay on the market for longer and usually sell for a lower sales price.  By placing furniture and accessories throughout the home, it allows a buyer to visualize themselves living there; it creates the emotion needed to make a sale.  We offer vacant stage services that range from partially staging the home, meaning we pick key rooms to stage, to staging a complete model home showcase. We can accommodate any size home and budget.

Please call our office (843) 216-3908 or email to schedule a consultation with us.